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With an experienced research and development team and sophisticated testing and production facilities, GlUM Bioscistrum provides customers with customized synthetic services ranging from mg to kg, and is able to meet their customized requirements quickly and efficiently.


Custom compositing service

Provides various compound synthesis services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities and research institutions:

1. Preparation of chemical intermediates and synthetic templates (milligram-kilogram)

2. Synthesis of various compound libraries, including diverse compound libraries and concentration compound libraries (mg level)

3. Synthesis of reference compounds and intermediates of drug metabolism

4. Synthesis of chiral compounds


Process research and development

Help customers quickly determine the synthetic route and optimize the process, provide customers with process research and development:

1. Magnification from g to kg

2. Screening of process routes

3. Technology transfer services


Pilot to scale API production

As a company focusing on providing chemical services, we have abundant resources to provide customers with pilot test and large-scale production of API:

1. Kilogram class to tonnage class

2. Various chemical reactions

3. High pressure reaction to 10MPa

4. High temperature and low temperature reaction (-80 °C to 300°C)

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